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COPY - Seraphinite pendant from Russia

COPY - Seraphinite pendant from Russia

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Seraphinite is a variety of a specific type of clinochlore. This relatively rare mineral which is part of the chlorite group can only be found in Russia.

Although very soft, seraphinite is widely used as a gemstone because of its attractive feather-like patterns. These come from inclusions of mica.

The presence of mica in seraphinite can also cause some material to be slightly chatoyant.

Seraphinite comes from an iron mine in eastern Siberia called Korshunovskoe. Although known for several years, seraphinite only started appearing outside of Russia quite recently.

It was long before it attracted attention from rock and mineral enthusiasts around the world. Gradually larger quantities then began finding their way into Europe and the rest of the world.

Although more readily available now than it once was, fine grade seraphinite is still difficult to find. Due to the current situation in Russia this is unlikely to improve any time soon.
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