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Beige amethyst druzy tower

Beige amethyst druzy tower

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  • Chakra: Third Eye & Crown
  • Zodiac: Pisces and Aquarius
  • Use: Protection, Stress Relief, Tranquility, & Meditation
  • Placement: Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom
  • Charge: Selenite, Smoke Cleanse, Water

Spiritual Healing
- Enhances meditation.
- Boosts psychic abilities and intuition.
- Known as the healer of people, animals, and plants
- Brings in greater connection to your angels and higher power.

Physical Healing
- Helps you fall and stay asleep at night.
- Helps reduce migraines and headaches.
- Due to high iron content, it cam help improve your oxygen levels in the body.
- Can help you overcome addictions, OCD behavior, or any negative thought patterns.

Emotional Healing
- Can reduce stress and anxiety
- Helps you recognize the root cause of your negative thoughts and behaviors.
- Shifts your negative thought patterns and energy around you into positivity
- Can help you overcome feelings as if you are less or different than the rest of the world

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